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Course Description

Jews of the Muslim East (3 cr)
Ron Sela
JSTU-J 304 (33914); CEUS-R 322 (31677); INTL-I 300 (31268); REEI-R 300 (33546)
TR 11:30-12:45
CASE S&H; credit given for only one of J304, CEUS-R 322, INTL-I 300; REEI-R 300 with this topic
Meets with CEUS-R 522; REEI- R 500

“Jews of the Muslim East” surveys the fascinating history and culture of Jews in the Muslim world east of the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire. The course surveys, primarily, the Jews of Central Asia (both “Bukharan Jews” and other Jews who ended up in the region), as well as Iran and Afghanistan, from antiquity until the present, including several units dedicated to Muslim, Russian, and Soviet rule.

Major themes include exile and displacement, but also preservation; conversion to Islam, real and perceived; religious doctrines and practices; economy and trade; minority status under Muslim rule; literary compositions in unique languages in multiple genres, and communal tensions over representation and commemoration.

Image: Jewish pupils with their teacher in Samarkand, 1905. Prokudin-Gorskii Collection, Library of Congress.