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Course Description

VT: Judaism in Graphic Novels (3 cr)
Brian Hillman
JSTU-J 303 Arts & Humanities Topics in Jewish Studies (32226) / REL-A 300 (35917)
MW 3-4:15 pm

This course uses comics and graphic novels as a lens to study Jewish texts, Jewish history, and Jewish identity. It explores how both Jewish and non-Jewish comics artists have depicted Jewish scripture (including the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible), events in Jewish history, and important issues of contemporary Jewish identity. Since the birth of comics in the 1920s, Jewish people have been influential producers of comics and graphic novels. Some best-selling comics, including Superman and Maus: A Survivorís Tale, have been written by Jewish authors. Some questions this course explores are: How does the visual medium of comics help us to interpret Jewish scripture? Why does Jewish history continue to shape how contemporary Jews understand themselves? How have artists used comics to memorialize the Holocaust? What role does political affiliation play in contemporary Jewish identity?