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Advanced Modern Hebrew I (3 cr)
Michal Maoz-Levy
JSTU-H 350 (2489)
MW 11:30-12:20 (AC C114); F 11:30-12:20 (WB WEB)
P: Grade of C or higher in JSTU-H 300 or equivalent proficiency.

Meets with JSTU-H 506.

This course is offered online, as a hybrid course, with asynchronous and synchronous work. It is the sixth semester course in Modern Hebrew, and assumes solid prior Hebrew background. To develop and advance their Hebrew skills, students use Hebrew for communication at the high-advanced level. The course is based on topics covered in the lower five levels of the program, and solid knowledge of Hebrew grammar - taught at those levels - is required.

Students use Hebrew literature and Israeli media as tools for language and culture integration. Students use such primary resources to discuss issues in Israeli society, culture, history, geography and politics. Students use the internet to research such topics of interest on a weekly basis and conduct discussions on their findings. Students write various essays and perform various presentations on these topics, comparing Israeli culture and society to their own. They address and realize global historic as well as current issues, discussing those from varying perspectives. The use of technology allows students to hone their language skills at their own individual pace.