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Course Description

Intermediate Modern Hebrew II (3 cr)
JSTU-H 250
MW 10:20-11:10 (BH 139); F 10:20-11:10 (WB WEB); (2487); D. Romashov
MW 12:40-1:30 (AC C114); F 12:40-1:30 (WB WEB); (2488); M. Maoz-Levy
P: Grade of C or higher in JSTU-H 200 or equivalent proficiency
GenEd WL

Meets with JSTU-H 504.

This course is offered in a hybrid model, with in-person sessions and asynchronous online sessions. This course is the fourth semester course in Modern Hebrew, and assumes prior Hebrew background. To develop and advance their Hebrew skills, students use Hebrew for communication at the high-intermediate acquisition level. The course is based on topics covered in the lower three levels of the program.

In this course, students learn to communicate about the future. They discuss their hopes, plans, and dreams, the future of their families, and their life past graduation. Students also learn about the post-graduation life of their peers in Israel, and their hopes and dreams. Students learn about Israeli culture and about various complexities within Israeli society, given its make-up of various groups with different cultural backgrounds. Students use Israeli media to work on brief excerpts, from Israeli TV broadcasts, Israeli newspapers, and Israeli internet resources. These provide an opportunity for students to work on their verbal communication and comprehension skills, and develop an appreciation for the culture of this language. Students expand their abilities to use verbs, nouns and prepositions, in complex sentences in Hebrew. Students learn the future-tense forms in Modern Hebrew, more complex versions of the construct state, and a larger variety of prepositions.

This course uses writing, reading, speaking and listening assignments to develop skills. Students conduct conversations with each other and with the instructor. They write short essays and perform short presentations. They also use audio and video recordings. The use of technology allows students to hone their language skills at their own individual pace.