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Course Description

Elementary Modern Hebrew II (4 cr)
JSTU-H 150
MW 10:20-11:10 (ED 1255); F 9:45-11:00 (WB WEB); (2486) M. Maoz-Levy
MW 11:30-12:20 (BH 206); F 11:30-12:45 (WB WEB); (2485) D. Romashov
MW 12:40-1:30 (RE C110); F 1:15-2:30 (WB WEB); (32208) D. Romashov
P: Grade of C or higher in JSTU-H 100 or equivalent proficiency
GenEd WL

Meets with JSTU-H 502

This course is offered in a hybrid model, with in-person sessions and asynchronous online sessions. This course is the second semester course in Modern Hebrew, and assumes some prior Hebrew background. To develop and advance their Hebrew skills, students use Hebrew for communication at the advanced-beginning level. The course is based on topics covered in the beginning level.

In this course, students learn to communicate about thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits in various ways, and learn about the life, habits, wishes, beliefs and feelings of young Israeli adults, in their age group. This course offers a heavy focus on the verbs in Hebrew. Students expand their use of verbs integrating the infinitives in Hebrew and learning how Hebrew prepositions work. This course introduces students to irregular nouns in Modern Hebrew and to varied word order options.

This course uses writing, reading, speaking and listening assignments to develop skills. Students conduct conversations with each other and with the instructor. They write short essays and perform short presentations. They also use audio and video recordings. The use of such technology allows students to hone their language skills at their own individual pace.