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Course Description

Elementary Modern Hebrew I (4 cr)
A. Weiss
JSTU-H 100 (8762)
MW 10:20-11:10 (BH332); F 9:45-11:00 WB WEB
GenEd WL

Meets with JSTU-H 501

This course is offered in a hybrid model, with in-person sessions and asynchronous online sessions. This is the first course in Modern Hebrew, and does not require any prior Hebrew background. To learn Hebrew, students use Hebrew for communication.

In this course, students learn to communicate about themselves, their surroundings and their routines in various ways, and learn about the life and routines of Israeli students. Students practice daily conversations, using basic question - answer structures, focusing on simple sentences. Students grow their sentence structure by learning to conjoin sentences. This course also surveys the writing system in Hebrew. Students learn to type and use the computer in Hebrew. In addition, the course focuses on the present verbs in Hebrew. The basic gender/number distinction of Hebrew is introduced for both the verbal and the nominal systems. Hence, the course structurally introduces the morphology of the language.

This course uses writing, reading, speaking and listening assignments to develop skills. Students conduct constant conversations with each other and with the instructor. They write a simple essay and perform short presentations. They also use audio and video recordings. The use of such technology allows students to hone their language skills at their own individual pace.