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Course Description

Elementary Modern Hebrew I (4 cr)
M. Maoz-Levy
COLL-X 211 (37476)
TR 11:30-12:40 WB WEB
2nd 8 Weeks
This course requires consent of instructor

This course offers a mentoring opportunity for any student currently enrolled in the Hebrew program. It is a 1 credit pass/fail course, during the second 8 weeks of the semester. It allows students to develop skills for productive independent learning strategies in Hebrew (and in general). The course offers tested models for the efficient setting of objectives and goals and the pursuit of plans, to benefit personal growth and academic advancement. It is designed to support the current work students are doing in their Hebrew courses.

This is a hybrid course, meeting twice per week, a few times in person, but mostly online. There are group meetings for the support of a learning community by and for each of its members. It also involves individual sessions for the practice and application of the acquired models to one's own work, at their Hebrew level and language course.