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Course Description

Muslim-Jewish Relations in the 20th and 21st Century (3 cr)
GŁnther Jikeli JSTU-J 304 Social & Historical Topics in Jewish Studies (11084) / HIST-W 300 Issues in World History (33106)
MW 4-5:15 (SW 217)

Muslims and Jews have lived together in many countries over the centuries, mostly in countries with Muslim majorities and under Islamic rule. The decline of the Ottoman Empire, the colonization of North Africa, the establishment of the State of Israel, and the migration of Muslim communities to Western countries, where both Muslims and Jews form significant ethnic and religious minorities today, brought significant changes. This course offers an investigation into Muslim-Jewish relations in the 20th century and the opening decades of the 21st century, focusing on North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Cooperation between Muslims and Jews will be highlighted but tensions, antisemitism, and violent conflicts, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will also be discussed from multiple perspectives.

The course will emphasize class discussion and encourage independent work. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the complexity and multifaceted nature of Muslim-Jewish relations in recent times. Course activities will include: (1) Doing the assigned readings before each class session and responding briefly in writing; (2) participating in class discussions; (3) submitting short writing assignments; and (4) writing a short and a longer paper and offering a class presentation. Students are encouraged to attend one or two public lectures on themes related to the subject matter of this course by visiting scholars.


We will work with selected chapters from the books listed below. Additionally, we will discuss films and short newspaper articles and reports that will be provided on Canvas. You will need a hard copy of
- Sansal, Boualem, The German Mujahid (Europa Editions 2009), ISBN 9781933372921
- Glidden, Sarah, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less (Vertigo/DC Comics 2010), ISBN 9781401222345.
- Nusseibeh, Sari, Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life (Straus and Giroux 2007), ISBN 9780374299507.
All other materials will be provided or are available online at IUCAT.

Afridi, Mehnaz Mona, Shoah Through Muslim Eyes (Academic Studies Press 2017), ISBN 9781618113719
Ariel, Ari. Jewish-Muslim Relations and Migration from Yemen to Palestine in the Late Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Brill, 2014), ISBN 9789004265370, digital copy available at
Ben-Ami, Shlomo. Scars of War, Wounds of Peace: The Israeli-Arab Tragedy (Oxford University Press 2006), ISBN 9789004265370, digital copy available at
Fatah, Tarek, The Jew Is Not My Enemy: Unveiling the Myths That Fuel Muslim Anti-Semitism (McClelland & Stewart 2010), ISBN 9780771047831.
Glidden, Sarah, Clem Robins, and Michael Uslan. How to Understand Israel In 60 Days Or Less (Vertigo/DC Comics 2010), ISBN 9781401222345.
Meddeb, Abdelwahab, and Benjamin Stora, eds., A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations: From the Origins to the Present Day (Princeton University Press 2013), ISBN 9780691151274, digital copy available at
Meri, Josef W., The Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations (Routledge 2016), ISBN 9781317383208.
Nusseibeh, Sari, Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life (Straus and Giroux 2007), ISBN 9780374299507.
Sansal, Boualem, The German Mujahid (Europa Editions 2009), ISBN 9781933372921
Smith, Charles D. Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: [a History with Documents]. Ninth edition (Bedford/St. Martin's 2017), ISBN 1319028055.
Stillman, Norman A., The Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times (The Jewish Publication Society 2003), ISBN 978-0-8276-0765-1, digital copy available at