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Course Description

Seven Decades of Art in Israel (3 cr)
Emma Gashinsky
JSTU-J 203 Arts & Humanities Topics in Jewish Studies (13675) / ARTH-A 200 Topics in Art History (33066)
TR 4:00-5:15 (AC C116) 

What differentiates the art made in Israel from modern and contemporary art created elsewhere? Has Israeli art acquired cohesive local features within the short period of its existence? Does it reflect the multicultural roots of a society comprised of immigrants and is it inclusive towards Israeli-Arabs and other minorities? Fluctuating between middle-eastern and western cultural influences, the local art scene is characterized by its ongoing search for self-articulation and by confronting timely events within complex and strained regional and internal socio-political circumstances.

This course offers a comprehensive overview of Israeli visual culture as it developed during the seven decades of Israeli statehood, through the analysis of artworks in various media (painting, photography, performance, architecture and video art, among others). The class provides the students with an introduction to art in Israel, as well as an understanding of its unique cultural climate.

No prior knowledge of either Art History or Israel Studies is required.

Required Textbook: Zalmona, Yigal, A Century of Israeli Art, Farnham: Lund Humphries in association with the Israel Museum, c. 2013.

Recommended: Ofrat, Gideon, One Hundred Years of Art in Israel, Boulder: Westview Press, 1998; Barzel, Amnon, Art in Israel, Milan: G. Politi, 1988.

Image: Sigalit Landau, "DeadSee," 2004, frame from DVD, 11:39 min.