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Course Description

Leadership in Jewish Studies (1 cr.)
JSTU-X 170

These sections are designed to be practical in nature allowing students from the College and other schools on campus to gain practical leadership experience in the community with a focus on Jewish Studies. X170 is graded pass/fail and does not count toward the Jewish Studies major, certificate, or minor. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 3 credit hours. A student may only take one X170 per semester.

Each section meets once a week. Students will be graded on attendance, active participation, and a journal that the each student keeps throughout the semester and in which they reflect on their course experiences.


  • Jewish Cooking (6331)
  • Jewish Cooking, Holidays and Modern Life (6332)
  • Israel 101 (6333)
  • Campus Superstar/Event Planning (6336)
  • Jews in Politics & Pop Culture (8W1; 6334)
  • Outdoor Jewish Leadership (8W2; 6335)

Descriptions of each section

Jewish Cooking (6331)
Wednesdays 2-3pm
In Jewish Cooking, students will explore the art of the deliciously crafted meals that Jewish mothers or grandmothers once cooked. Students will go on a Jewish journey through their taste buds, cooking different Jewish foods from challah to kugel to Israeli food.

Jewish Cooking, Holidays and Modern Life (6332)
Tuesdays 2-3 pm
Experience the Jewish holidays through discussion and cooking. We will discuss questions about Jewish rituals and practice. We will also look at design thinking and its role in modern day Judaism.

Israel 101 (6333)
Mondays 2-3 pm
This course will address the complexities and diversity of Israeli society. The goal of this course to deepen the student's understanding of current events in Israel and to explore Israel’s role in the world.

Campus Superstar/Event Planning (6336)
Time/Day TBA
Be a part of a huge fundraiser for Hillel at IU! Campus Superstar is a state-wide singing competition for any student in Indiana. As part of this class, you will have the opportunity to plan, market, and implement this large venture, and in this 12th year of the competition it is sure to be bigger than ever!

1st 8 weeks only:
Jews in the Media and Pop Culture (6334)
Tuesdays 3-5pm
Come watch, learn, and discuss about how Jews are portrayed in TV shows, movies, and the media. We will explore the image and stereotypes of Jews in the pop culture world and discuss the validity of these portrayals.

2nd 8 weeks only:
Outdoor Jewish Leadership (6335)
Thursdays 2-4 pm

Engage in nature’s wonders of Bloomington through intentional leadership training. As the seasons of nature constantly change, so will our classroom settings. Learn your individual role as a team player, and what leadership style best resonates with you while also exploring leadership in  Judaism.  The Hebrew word for leadership is manhigut. 

Breathe In. Outdoor Leadership. Hiking. Team building. Sensory awareness. Fire building. Yoga. Breathe Out.

In evaluating those who would be our leaders, Judaism suggests that we would do well to consider their behaviors, not their resumes or their press statements. In Judaism, strong leaders:
–      Think of themselves as humble servants of the people, not egocentric rulers seeking to maximize the perquisites of power.
–      Demonstrate an understanding that power must be restrained and shared, lest it be abused, even by good people.
–      Have the proven ability to see beyond their own agenda, and their own time.
–      Empower others and identify future leaders with a similar commitment to serving.

Four categories of Leadership:

  1. Relationship masters (those that emphasize caring)
  2. Analysts/architects (those that emphasize analysis and conceptual functions)
  3. Spontaneous motivators (those that emphasize emotional stimulation)
  4. Drivers (those that emphasize action and directing)