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Course Description

WOMEN IN THE BIBLE (3 cr)       
Sarah Ifft Decker
JSTU-J 375 (30610) / REL-A 375 (31439)
TR 1:00-2:15 (LH 008)
CASE A&H; credit given for only one of J375 or REL-A 375

The depictions of women in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament tell us not only about gender in the ancient world, but also about the models of femininity available to Jewish and Christian women for centuries after. Women appear in biblical texts as wives and mothers, queens and prostitutes, heroines and villains. Jewish and Christian readers of biblical texts in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the modern world interpreted these representations of women in ways that both reflected and created contemporary attitudes about women, gender, and sexuality. This course will explore the portrayal of women in both the texts of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, and in the literature and art of later readers of biblical texts. How have these biblical texts and their interpretation shaped ideas about women and gender in Western culture, from antiquity to the contemporary world?