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Course Description

Jason Mokhtarian
JSTU-J 325 (31959)
MW 1-2:15

This class is an introduction to the political and religious history of Jerusalem dating back three thousand years. In addition to reading general histories of the city, students perform close readings of relevant texts from a wide range of sources which discuss Jerusalem’s status among Jews, Christians, and Muslims. From a historical perspective, the class covers a range of topics from antiquity to the present, including but not limited to: the Jebusite origins of the city, the rise of the Second Temple, the life of Jesus and Byzantine Jerusalem, Islamic rule, the Crusades, and Zionism. The course emphasizes questions about archaeology, sacred space, memory, and pilgrimage as they relate to the history of the holy city.

Students enrolled in this class are also eligible to take a one-credit study abroad companion course in Jerusalem (May 5-12, 2019) through the Office of International Affairs. More information about the study abroad course can be found here: JSTU-X 395 International Experiences in Jewish Studies. Please contact Prof. Mokhtarian at if you are interested in the study abroad course.