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Course Description

Tamir Karkason
JSTU-J 254 (30607) / HIST-C 230 (31974)
TR 11:15-12:30 (AUD A151)
GenEd S&H; GenEd WC; CASE S&H; CASE GCC; Credit given for only one of J254 or HIST-C 230

This course explores some of the major events in the history of Israel, as well as how these events influenced Israeli culture. Throughout the semester, students discuss some of the complexities and paradoxes that have accompanied Israeli society from its beginnings until today. One theme in the course is the history of diversity within Israeli society, including the mass migrations of Jews from around the world to Israel of the 1950’s, and the wide range of ethnic groups in Israel (e.g., Eastern Europeans, Middle Eastern Jews, immigrants from the former Soviet Union, the Ultra-Orthodox, and Arabs). In addition, students learn about the complex relationship between the Jewish religion and the modern state, and the role of the military in civil life. Readings include recent scholarship in Israeli studies, alongside films and works of literature.