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Course Description

RELIGION AND LAW (3 cr)           
Sarah Imhoff and Winni Sullivan
COLL-C 103 Critical Approaches to Arts & Humanities (10689)
TR 10:10-11 (SW 007)
Plus Discussion: F 10:10-11 (10690); F 11:15-12:05 (10691); F 12:20-1:10 (29427); F 1:25-2:15 (29428)

When we talk about “church and state,” what do we mean by “church,” and what do we mean by “state”? How separate are they really? What is religious law, such as Islamic shari’a or Jewish halakhah, and how is it different from so-called secular law?  How does law recognize something as religious? How and when do people’s religious views matter for lawmaking? What happens when law and religion seems to collide? This introductory co-taught course explores the theoretical, historical, and sociological aspects of the intersections of religion and law.