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Course Description

Zionism and the State of Israel (3 cr)
Noam Zadoff
JSTU-J 324 (31352) / HIST-B 324 (30449)
MW 11:15-12:30 (BH 319)
CASE S&H; CASE GCC; credit given for only one of J324 or HIST-B 324

Course Flyer

Zionism is a dream, which was born in Europe at the end of the 19th century. Influenced by European nationalism, its aim was the revival of the Jewish People in the Middle Eastern territory of Palestine, the Land of Israel.  This ambivalence of being a “western” utopia seeking for realization in the “east” accompanied the Zionist movement from its beginning and down to today. Through reading different texts of Zionist ideologists and thinkers, and through analyzing current attitudes towards Europe in Israeli media and film, we will discuss central ideas and episodes in the history of Zionism and of the State of Israel. Throughout the course the students are expected to be present and be active in class. Throughout the semester the students will write two smaller assignments (1-2 pages) and two papers (4-5 pages), one in midterm and one at the end of the semester.