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Course Description

Introduction to Jewish Mysticism (3 cr)
Shaul Magid
REL-A 335 #29919
TR 11:15-12:30 (FA 010)

P: Previous course in Judaism or consent of instructor

This course will explore the classical period of Jewish mysticism from the Middle Ages through early Hasidism. We will read some of the seminal secondary literature on theory and method in the study of mysticism and the development of Jewish mysticism with an eye on the relationship between what claims the texts make about themselves and what claims scholars make about the texts in question. The course will focus on close readings of three kabbalistic texts; Joseph Gikitillia’s Sha’arei Orah, the Zohar, and the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov on prayer. Class time will be split between a more general discussion of method regarding the study of mystical literature and seminar style readings of these texts in translation.