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Course Description

Refugees & Migrants: From Ellis Island to Budapest Train Station (3 cr)
Mirjam Zadoff
JSTU-J 304 Social & Historical Topics in Jewish Studies #31425 / HIST-W 300 Issues in World History #31423 / INTL-I 300 Topics in International Studies #9526
TR 9:30-10:45 (WH 002)

As a result of wars, persecution and conflicts worldwide replacement hits all time high: 59.5 million people, every 122 human is a refugee or seeking asylum – half of them children. These numbers don’t include migrants, who are on the move due to economic hardship, hunger and global warming. Yet the problem is not new, and so we will start our course with the history of migrants and refugees in the 19th century: Then Jews, Irish, Italians and others left there homes in search for a better world, only to find the poverty of the other side of the Atlantic. We will then turn to the 20th century, to World War I, the Holocaust as a paradigmatic moment of displacement, and the introduction of national and international Human Rights legislations. We will finally arrive at the present state of refugees and migrants all over the globe, and especially the current ‘European refugee crisis’. Throughout the course we’ll discuss legislations, national and communal relief organization, and the everyday life experiences of migrants, their journeys and arrivals at their destinations.