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Course Description

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II (4 cr)
Nathan Mastnjak
JSTU-B 150  #16488
MTWR 10:10-11:00
GenEd WL; P: Grade of C or higher in JSTU-B 100 or eqivalent proficiency

Meets with NELC-B 502

This course meets four times a week and is offered as the second semester course in the Biblical Hebrew language track. In this course, students will continue their acquisition of Hebrew grammar and vocabulary and will begin to read authentic Biblical Hebrew texts from the book of Genesis. By the end of the semester, students will be equipped to read and understand the majority of biblical Hebrew narrative texts.

This course is open to undergraduate students as well as to graduate students. Graduate students should enroll in this course through the NELC Department. Undergraduate students should enroll in this course through the Jewish Studies Program. This course may be used to satisfy the foreign language or the language proficiency requirements.​