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Course Description

Introduction to Jewish History: From Spanish Expulsion to the Present (3 cr)
Mirjam Zadoff
JSTU-J 252 #10888 / HIST-H 252 #5121
TR 1-2:15 (BH 003)
Required for all Jewish Studies mjaor and certificate students

Check out video of Prof Zadoff discussing her course "Intro to Jewish History: From Spanish Expulsion to the Present"

How have Jews lived with their non-Jewish neighbors? How have they kept themselves--or been kept--apart from these neighbors? What role has religion played in the lives of Jews, and how has it changed over time? Where have they lived, where have they moved, and why? This course will examine the history of the Jews from the Expulsion from Spain in 1492 to the present day. Topics include the Spanish Inquisition; Jewish life in the Islamic world and in Europe; Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism; the development of Jewish Enlightenment, Hasidism, and Jewish religious reform; Jewish patterns of migration; the Holocaust; and Zionism and the founding of the State of Israel. Students will learn how to approach texts from a historical perspective, how to think analytically about the past, how to formulate historically relevant questions, and how to analyze a variety of primary source materials, including literature, film, images, and material objects. Although this course can serve as a continuation of JSTU-J251/HIST-H 251, J251/H251 is not a prerequisite for this introductory course.