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Course Description

Leadership in Jewish Studies (1 cr.)
JSTU-X 170

These sections are designed to be practical in nature allowing students from the College and other schools on campus to gain practical leadership experience in the community with a focus on Jewish Studies. X170 is graded pass/fail and does not count toward the Jewish Studies major, certificate, or minor. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 3 credit hours. A student may only take one X170 per semester.


    Jewish Cooking (35815)
    Every other Thursday 3-5 pm (Class meets on Aug 25; Sept 8 & 22; Oct 6 & 20; Nov 3 & 10, and Dec 1 at Hillel

    In Jewish Cooking, students will explore that art of the deliciously crafted meals that your Jewish parents or grandparents once cooked for you. Students will go on a Jewish journey through their taste buds cooking different Jewish foods from Challah to Kugel to foods in Israel.

    Hot Topics in Jewish Studies (35849)
    Mondays 4-5 pm

    Ever wondered what Judaism has to say on some of the hottest and most controversial topics? Then this is the class for you! In this course we will explore what Judaism says about controversial and hot topics and discuss how this compares to what we believe and the impact it has on contemporary life.