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Course Description

The Holocaust and Politics (3 cr)
Jack Bielasiak
POLS-Y 352 (40165)
MW 1:10-2:25 (Theatre A201)

The course examines Nazi Germany's attempt to exterminate the Jews of Europe and other "undesirable" populations during WWII. We consider first the ideological arguments and political actions leading to the Final Solution. Second, we examine the responses to the annihilation by perpetrators, victims, and bystanders, and consider issues of responsibility and the legacy of the Holocaust.

The content presents us with an emotional, painful experience that must be harnessed for understanding. To that end, we will use a variety of sources, academic studies and survivors' testimonies, documentary and fictional accounts, films, and poems. Class requirements include exams, in-class quizzes, and assignments that go beyond the typical to personalize the tragedy.