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Course Description

Leadership in Jewish Studies (1 cr.)
JSTU-X 170

These sections are designed to be practical in nature allowing students from the College and other schools on campus to gain practical leadership experience in the community with a focus on Jewish Studies. X170 is graded pass/fail and does not count toward the Jewish Studies major, certificate, or minor. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 3 credit hours. A student may only take one X170 per semester.

Each section meets once a week. Students will be graded on attendance, active participation, and a journal that the each student keeps throughout the semester and in which they reflect on their course experiences.


  • Hillel Event Planning (14879)
  • Jewish Cooking (14880)
  • Freshman Leadership (45249)

Descriptions of each section

Campus Superstar/Hillel Event Planning (14879)
Thursdays 4-5 pm
Be a part of a huge fundraiser for Hillel at IU! Campus Superstar is a state-wide singing competition for any student in Indiana. As part of this class, you will have the opportunity to plan, market, and implement this large venture, and in this 18th year of the competition it is sure to be bigger than ever!

Jewish Cooking (14880)
Tuesdays 3-4 pm
In Jewish Cooking, students will explore the art of making traditional Jewish dishes from challah to kugel to Israeli foods.

Freshman Leadership (45249)
Mondays at 4- 5 pm

Take a look at how your leadership journey has led you to be a leader through interactive activities. Looking for a fun way to explore your leadership skills, plan and implement Hillel programs and get to know other freshmen on campus? Then this is the course for you!