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Course Description

Israeli Film and Fiction (3 cr)
Stephen Katz
JSTU-C 260 (47068)
TR 3:15-5:45 (Sycamore Hall 103)
2nd 8 week course

A sampling of Israeli novels and stories whose texts were made into film. Subjects to be covered pertain to the representation of Israeli culture, values, and experience, including individualism and collective, war and peace, the self and the nation. Readings, assignments, and discussion in English

What are the loves and adventures of a man after he commits suicide? How do Israelis deal with the Lebanon wars, their Vietnam? Can a secret agent realize his ideal love? How do dysfunctional families deal with life and the Holocaust? Can Israeli Jews and Arabs find happiness together? These and other issues are covered by our reading of Israeli works of fiction and viewing of films made of these works.

In this course we will be examining the differing representations of human experiences in two forms of art, prose fiction and film. Our specific scope will be limited to Israeli fiction as it is translated into film. Both media will be considered as they work in tandem in representing aspects of Israeli culture, values and history. We will be reading in English translation works of fiction--mostly novels--by some of Israelís leading writers and then considering how these same works are represented through the medium of films.