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Course Description

Israeli Cinema (3 cr)
Dmitry Romashov
JSTU-J 203 Arts & Humanities Topics in Jewish Studies (34024)
MW 4:00-6:30 pm (Fine Arts 005) 
2nd 8 week course

What do you know about life in Israel? How often do you hear Israelis speak about / for themselves? Israel is a young state and film production has been documenting its everyday life ever since. As any art, cinema both reflects and interprets the current personal, social and political experience. This course will guide you through 70 years of the State of Israel. It focuses on different aspects of Israeli reality captured on camera. Join the course and get a unique Israeli experience through films. In this course, we’ll be watching Israeli movies (with English subtitles). We’ll use films as a tool for understanding different aspects of the complex Israeli actuality.