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Course Description

Israel: History, Society, Culture (3 cr)
Noam Zadoff
JSTU-J 254 #13129 / HIST-C 230 #13044
TR 9:30-10:45   (GA0003)
GenEd S&H; GenEd WC; CASE S&H; CASE GCC; credit given for only one of J254 or HIST-C 230

In the spring of 1948, the State of Israel was established. Although the territory of the new state had always been small, since its beginnings it has played a central role in world politics, and its existence and deeds evoke extreme emotional reactions. In this course we will explore major aspects in the history of Israel and the ways they influence its cultural life. Throughout the semester, we will discuss complexities and paradoxes that have accompanied Israeli society from its beginnings down to today. Some of the major themes will be: the relation between religion and state, the interactions of military and civil life, the place of the kibbutz movement within society, the Israeli family and the place of women in society, and the meaning of war. We will analyze the way all these elements developed and changed over the years. Along with readings in recent scholarly works in the field of Israel Studies, we will also analyze film sequences and chapters of major works of Israeli literature.