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Course Description

The Jews of the Muslim World
Guadalupe González Diéguez
JSTU-J304 Social & Historical Topics in Jewish Studies #38310 / NELC-N 303 Issues in Middle Eastern History #38311
MW 9-11:15 am
2nd 8 weeks

This course will introduce students to the rich, and often disregarded history and culture of the Jews of the Muslim world, which spans from the very emergence of Islam until our times. The course will explore issues such as the commonalities and differences between Judaism and Islam, the legal status of minorities in Muslim societies, and the different types of sources through which we can gain insight into Jewish life in the Muslim lands: religious texts,legal documents, private letters, poems, philosophical treatises, travelogues, journalistic texts, architecture and visual arts, films, music clips, etc. Students are expected to engage actively with the materials, and will be given the chance to work on the topics that are most appealing to them, upon prior consultation with the instructor. All required readings and audiovisual materials will be in English.

(Picture from J. Sfar, The Rabbi's Cat)