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Fall 2014 Courses That Count Toward a Hebrew Minor

For Students Matriculating Beginning Summer 2011

Note: When the courses below are used for the minor in Hebrew they CANNOT also be used toward either the Jewish Studies major or the certificate.

Fall 2014 Courses that Count Toward the Minor in Hebrew (in addition to Hebrew language courses)

  • JSTU-H 200 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
  • JSTU-H 250 Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
  • JSTU-H 300 Advanced Modern Hebrew I
  • JSTU-H 477 Victims & Avengers: Readings in the Holocaust Literature of Israel in Hebrew (3 cr)
    P: Grade of C or higher in JSTU-H 350 or permission of instructor.
  • JSTU-L 377 Victims and Avengers: Readings in the Holocaust Literature of Israel (3 cr)

Students in the Biblical Hebrew track (who have taken or will take JSTU-B 250), may take the following courses in addition to Hebrew language courses:

  • JSTU-B 200 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I

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