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Jewish Studies Program Advisory Board

The Jewish Studies Advisory Board met for the first time in two years on June 6, 2021 in a well-attended Zoom conference. At that meeting we welcomed new members Robert Gerber, Andrew Goodman, Jody and Sheldon Hirst, Lindsey Mintz, and Jean Robinson, provided updates on the Jewish Studies Program, and approved a revised version of the Board's By-Laws. We are especially excited to announce the creation of the new Development Leader position, which will focus on helping us define and achieve our fundraising goals. For 2021-22 our Board elected Andrew Mallor, Executive President; Drew Soshnick, Vice President; and Robert Borns, Development Leader.

Executive Committee

Andrew Soshnick, Vice President
Robert Borns, Development Leader
Andrew Mallor, Executive President
Sybil Mervis

Advisory Board

Lawrence Adelman
Barbara Alpert
Joseph Alpert
Robert Aronson
Eugene Bate
Nancy Bate
Gail Berman
Betsy Borns
Emily Borns
Sandra Borns
Robert Gerber
Debra Barton Grant
Leonard Gurin
Robin Gurin
Jody Hirst
Sheldon Hirst
Irene Jacobs
Dr. Martin Jacobs
Steve Jacobs
Bobbi Kroot
Elliott D. Levin
Irwin Levin
Flo Mary Mantel
Herbert Melrose
Linda Melrose
Adam Mervis
Lindsey Mintz
Ilene New
Jeffrey New
Eloise Paul
Jean Robinson
Jonathan Shapiro
Norman Sider
Greg Silver
Renny Silver
Myrna Weinberger
Dr. Myron Weinberger
Jennifer Zwilling

Honorary Board

Edward Dobrow
Claudette Einhorn
Jay Glazer
Janice Goodman
Henry Levinsky
Judy Liff-Barker
Sidney Mishkin
Dorit Paul
Dr. Ora Pescovitz
Jack Schuster