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Paul Program

The Dorit & Gerald Paul Program for the Study of Germans & Jews

Before the Third Reich, there had been Jewish communities in Germany dated back a thousand years. Today, very little of that presence remains. Though there are signs of renewed vitality in the contemporary German-Jewish community.

In the belief that the story of German-speaking Jews deserves to be remembered and that the forces that brought about its violent end need to be understood, the Dorit and Gerald Paul Program for the Study of Germans and Jews aims to foster scholarly ties between Indiana University faculty members researching the relationships between Germans and Jews and scholars in Germany and elsewhere who are engaged in similar research. In this connection, the Paul Program sponsors a biennial lecture series on relevant aspects of this subject. Through such activities, the Jewish Studies Program seeks to encourage ongoing scholarly interest in one of the crucial areas of modern history.

We are pleased to make available the text of some of these important lectures: