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Doctoral Minor in Yiddish

Students may complete a Ph.D. minor through the Department of Germanic Studies.


12 credits, consisting of:

  • GER-Y 502 Beginning Yiddish II (3 cr.) Spring. P: Y 501 with a C- or higher equivalent.
  • GER-Y 503 Intermediate Yiddish I (3 cr.) Fall. P: Y502 or consent of instructor.
  • GER-Y 504 Intermediate Yiddish II (3 cr.) Spring. P: Y 503 or consent of instructor.
  • The remaining three credits can be chosen from GER-Y 505 Topics in Yiddish Literature (topics vary); GER-Y 506 Topics in Yiddish Culture (topics vary); GER-Y 815 Individual Readings in Yiddish Studies: Language, Literature and Culture (1-4 cr.); and other courses focusing on non-language Yiddish topics.

To apply for the doctoral minor Yiddish program, please contact the Germanic Studies Program, 812-855-1553;