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Ph.D. Minor in Jewish Studies

The Borns Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University is one of the oldest and foremost Jewish Studies programs in the United States. At the heart of the Borns Jewish Studies Program is a distinguished faculty with appointments in several departments, including Comparative Literature, English, Germanic Studies, History, Jewish Studies, Music, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, Political Science, and Religious Studies.

Students pursuing a Ph.D. in a degree-granting program at Indiana University Bloomington can choose to concentrate on any aspect related to Jewish Studies. Some faculty strengths include American Judaism, the study of contemporary antisemitism, ancient Judaism, Israel studies, Jewish thought, Holocaust studies, or Yiddish studies.


Students must complete fifteen (15) graduate credit hours of courses with a grade of B or higher. All students are required to take a core course JSTU-H 520 Colloquium in Jewish Studies. No more than two (2) courses may be taken in the student's home department. No more than six (6) hours of individualized readings can be applied to the minor. No more than eight (8) hours of transfer credit from another institution may be applied to the minor. Students may not count any courses in their major doctoral degree toward the minor and vice versa. Relevant graduate courses from any discipline may be counted toward the minor. The selection of courses must be approved by the Jewish Studies Director of Graduate Studies, Sarah Imhoff (

Note: Some departments offer concentrations in Jewish content within the department. For instance, doctoral students in History can major in Jewish history. Doctoral students in Religious Studies can focus on "Jewish Thought and Culture," "Ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Religions," or "Religion in the Americas."

For more information, contact:

Professor Sarah Imhoff, Director of Graduate Studies
Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program
Indiana University, Global & International Studies Building, 4014
355 N. Eagleson Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405-1105
Phone: (812) 855-0453, FAX: (812) 855-4314

Updated 07/27/2021