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Dina Spechler

Associate Professor of Political Science

Professor Spechler’s research interests are in comparative foreign policy and international relations, particularly Russian, Soviet, and American foreign policy and the international relations of the Middle East. Her current research deals with the explanation of major foreign policy change and with competing tendencies in Russian foreign policy. Professor Spechler’s publications include Domestic Influences on Soviet Foreign Policy; Permitted Dissent in the USSR; and Russian Nationalism and Political Stability in the USSR. She began her teaching career at Harvard University, then moved to Israel, where she taught at Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University. Her courses have dealt with the analysis of foreign policy, especially the domestic sources of external behavior; the use of force in international relations; the U.S., the USSR and Russia in world politics; and politics and foreign policy in Russia and the USSR.


  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 1973)