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Faculty Speakers’ Bureau

In addition to its teaching and research missions, the Borns JSP faculty places a significant emphasis on serving broad constituencies outside of the classroom. If you are interested getting a speaker for your organization, please contact the department at or call (812) 855-0453

Available Speakers

Jack Bielasiak: Politics of the Holocaust

Laura Carlson Hasler: Hebrew Bible; Gender and Power in the Hebrew Bible; Prophets, Messiahs, and Apocalypses

Judah Cohen: Music in Jewish Life; American Music; Musical Theater; Popular Culture; Caribbean Jewish History; Diaspora; Medical Ethnomusicology

Irit Dekel: Contemporary Antisemitism in Germany; Collective Memory in Germany and Israel; Migration and Exile

Michelle Facos:Jewish Art; Jews in Scandinavia before 1915

Halina Goldberg: Jews and Jewishness in 19th-and 20th- century Poland; Jewish musicians and music; Jews in Lódz

Sarah Imhoff: Gender and Judaism; Race and Jewishness; Rabbinic Literature; American Religious History

Günther Jikeli: History of Antisemitism; Racism, Discrimination & Education; Jewish-Muslim Relations

Stephen Katz: Hebrew; Israeli Culture; Modern Hebrew Literature; Hebrew Lieterature of the Holocaust

Dov-Ber Kerler: Yiddish linguistics, culture and literature

Aziza Khazzoom: Israel Studies

Herbert Marks: Biblical and Literary Studies

Jennifer McComas: Jewish Artists; 20th Century German and American Art; Holocaust-Era Art Looting, Restitution and Provenance Research; Jewish American and Eastern European History

Mark Roseman: History of the Holocaust; History of Antisemitism; The Holocaust; German-Jewish History

Alvin H. Rosenfeld: Contemporary Antisemitism; Literature of the Holocaust; American Jewish Literature

Ron Sela: Muslim-Jewish Encounters

Dina Spechler: Comparative Foreign Policy; American, Russian, and Israeli Foreign Policy


updated 7/21